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In Office Sterilization

What is Essure?

The Essure procedure is a method for permanent birth control or sterilization. The Essure procedure is the first non-incisional permanent birth control procedure approved by the FDA. This is done in our office. Essure is covered by most insurance companies with just an office co-pay.

Why choose Essure?

Essure offers women what no other birth control ever has:

  • No cutting

  • No going under general anesthesia

  • No slowing down to recover

  • No hormones

  • No guessing- your doctor can confirm when you can rely on Essure for birth control

  • Short procedure time- Essure only takes about 13 minutes to perform.

    How Does Essure Work?


1. Our Essure certified doctor inserts soft, flexible micro inserts into the fallopian tubes via a small tube connected to a camera. No incision is needed because these tiny inserts are delivered through the vagina and cervix.

2. Over the next several weeks, a natural barrier forms around the micro inserts and prevents sperm form reaching the eggs. The ovaries will continue to release eggs, but they will be absorbed back into the body.

3. After three months, it’s time to get an Essure Confirmation Test to verify that you are protected from the worries of unplanned pregnancy. The test uses a dye and special type of x-ray to ensure the fallopian tubes are blocked. Until that time, you must continue using another form of birth control.

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