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What is Cryoablation?

Her Option cryoablation is a type of endometrial ablation therapy that can be done in the office. It is a minimally invasive alternative to a hysterectomy. It is a safe and effective treatment that uses sub-zero temperatures to destroy the tissue lining the uterus (endometrium). This is the tissue that sheds during your period and causes the bleeding. By destroying most or al of the lining, your periods will be reduced or eliminated.

Who needs Cryoablation?

One in four women suffers from heavy periods caused by abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB). AUB can be emotionally and physically devastating, causing many women to limit their activities and lifestyles. A medical term for menstrual periods that are too heavy, to frequent and last too long is menorrhagia. A questionnaire on the next page will help you decide if you have a bleeding problem.Only women who are sure they do not want any more children are candidates for the procedure.

How is Cryoablation performed?

Her Option is performed in our office. During the treatment, your bladder will be full to allow your doctor to monitor the progress of the treatment using abdominal ultrasound. A small probe will be inserted into the uterus and cooled until it reaches sub zero temperatures. Typically, multiple ice zones are formed. The procedure should take no more than 20-30 minutes. After the procedure you may experience mild cramping, which is usually relieved by ibuprofen and a heating pad. You should plan on having someone drive you home.



When will I see Results?

Within the first three months following treatment you should experience a reduction in bleeding. It is not unusual to experience to or three normal periods before the full extent of the treatment takes effect, although some patients see immediate results. Some women find that their periods return to more normal levels, others have no bleeding at all or some mild spotting every month.



Questionnaire: Am I a candidate for Cryoablation?

(Please PRINT, CIRCLE ANSWER and bring with you to our office)

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be suffering from heavy bleeding.

1. Does your period last longer than seven days? YES/NO

2. Do you use more than three pads or tampons per day? YES/NO

3. Do you need to double up on feminine protection? YES/NO

4. Do you become fatigued due to your heavy bleeding? YES/NO

5. Do your heavy periods affect your social life, fitness or sexual intimacy? YES/NO

6. Do you miss work because of your periods? YES/NO

7. Does your menstrual flow include large clots? YES/NO

8. Do you avoid leaving home for fear of accidents? YES/NO

9. Do you avoid wearing light colored clothing during your period? YES/NO

10. Does medication (birth control pills) fail to ease your symptoms? YES/NO

A link to this questionnaire is also available on the Her Option website:

“I thought the only option was a hysterectomy”


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